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About us.

We are a private language school in Dresden that offers Korean-German and German-Korean language courses. In contrast to other language schools, our courses are very inexpensive and adapted to the times of the students, so that a friendly and effective atmosphere can be created. Our greatest interest, of course, is that our students enjoy learning the Korean language with success.


Our Focus.

is in the following points.
Fluent use of the language

We want to help you feel comfortable in the Korean language, so that you can speak Korean fluently in a conversation.

Korean culture

If you are interested, we are also ready to introduce you to our culture (if you have not already done so yourself) and can also show you many other interesting things.

Koreanisches Essen

Together in the group we will also regularly cook Korean food together, so that you can also enjoy the Korean dishes.

Living in Korea.

If you are also interested in living in South Korea, we want to show you how to live in Korea and what exiting things you can experience there.

Watch our Introduction Video!


Our Learning Areas.

We will cover these lesson areas with you:

Reading and Writing

We teach you how to read and write in korean, both handwritten and digitally. In fact, it's easier than you think!


Hearing and Understanding

Using Korean music, we will practically teach you to understand Korean through listening and reading. We look at the lyrics together and try to understand more bit by bit.


Cooking Korean Food

With us you will also get to know some delicious Korean dishes and how to prepare them the traditional way! 


Inexpensive Tuition

In order to not burden you financially, we have opted for inexpensive lessons.

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K-School Blogtagebuch #4

13. November Wir haben geplant, heute das Vorstellungsvideo von Schülern aufzunehmen. Dieses Video wird den Freunden in Süd-Korea gesendet. Die Schüler haben eine Woche lang

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K-School Blogtagebuch #3

Am 4. 11. 2020 Heute haben wir einen Motivationsruf (구호) im Koreanisch Kurs geübt. „준비됐나? 한글 수업!“ „좋아! 좋아! 좋아! 파이팅!“ Diesen 구호werden wir ab

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K-School Blogtagebuch #2

Unterricht am 21.10.2020 Heute hat Jinhae ihr selbstgemachtes (Tteokbokki) zum Unterricht mitgebracht. Die Schüler unserer K-School haben das Gericht nur in K-Dramas gesehen und haben

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K-School Blogtagebuch #1

K-School Tagebuch Datum: 15. 10. 2020 1.       Hören und Schreiben: Die Schüler haben versucht zu schreiben, was die Lehrerin ausspricht. Sie haben selbst kontrolliert, wie

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